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Phred and Phrap by CodonCode Corporation

CodonCode Corporation offers Windows and Mac OS X versions of Phrap and Phred, Phil Green's programs for sequence assembly, and quality base calling.

More about PHRED  for base calling and PHRAP for sequence assembly.
About the Phred - Phrap package

The programs Phrap, and Phred are the leading programs for base calling and sequence assembly. Phred, and Phrap are used in many large-scale DNA sequencing and mutation detection projects in academic and biotech settings.

To learn more about the Phred-Phrap package, check out our background page.

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Phred and Phrap for Mac OS X and Windows

CodonCode Corporation offers Windows and Mac OS X versions of Phred and Phrap. For the vast majority of Phred-Phrap users who prefer to run programs from a graphical user interface and need contig editing functions, we offer CodonCode Aligner for sequence assembly and editing.

With CodonCode Aligner, you can:

  • Import sequences from ABI and SCF files
  • Import sequences from text files
  • Run Phred and Phrap directly from Aligner projects
  • Edit Phrap-generated assemblies
  • End clip
  • Vector trim
  • Assemble contigs
  • Align to a reference sequence
  • Find heterozygous mutations
  • Analyze heterozygous insertions and deletions
  • Define regions of interest ("features"), for example low quality consensus regions
  • Quickly navigate between user-defined features
  • Export sequences and features
  • Export Consed-compatible assembly projects

Free demo and trial versions of CodonCode Aligner are available for downloading.

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Price And License Information For Phred-Phrap

Interested in trying or purchasing Phred and Phrap? Details about availability and prices are available on our information page.

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